Allergies are actually now the big problem for our immune system .

4 types of skin allergies | Learn symptoms and remedies


Shahriar Shohan


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January 29, 2020


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From my childhood, I have seen my mother do not eat shrimp. However, shrimp is a favorite of the mother. Once I started eating with my eggplant and started irritations. Since then my mother would not feed me eggplant. Ever since then I’ve learned to say-

“I have an allergy to eggplant.” A long time ago, I went to a village home on a summer vacation, and something strange happened! With my relatives, I was having fun eating mangoes, suddenly one of my brothers started breathing, and at the same time, started irritations. Then I heard he was allergic! And my grandfather living next door does not let his grandson have a cat. If the cat is at home, then it can occur asthma. Everyone is just worried about allergies. Before learning about 4 types of skin allergies, you need to know what this allergy actually is. How many types of allergies are there? And what is the way to get rid of this allergy? Let’s find out if allergies are early!

What is allergy?

Allergies are actually the manifestation of our immune system problems. Generally, our immune system acts to protect our body only when a harmful substance, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and various parasites wants to enter our body.

In this case, our immune system works very naturally. Where is the problem then? Yes, the problem is when the immune system acts to protect the body from damaging the inanimate object. And it manifests through sneezing, eye allergies, itching of someone, someone’s breathing and rash or wheezing.

All the things that cause us to be allergic, are called allergens. That means no allergies. It is only a symptom of adverse conditions in the immune system.
How many allergies are there?
Many types of allergies that fall into the top 4 categories. The main 4 categories are:

1. skin contact
2. Ingestion

Skin contact allergy:

Allergies to the skin are called skin allergies. These include plants, dustballs, animals, and even jewelry! What to do to relieve the pain of various skin allergies? Let’s know about those types of skin allergies!

4 types of skin allergies:

1. Poison Plant:

Nowadays, where there are five Ivy trees are growing. For some reason, there is an allergy problem with this plant. But that is not the case with all those whose immune systems in the body have made antibodies to the ivy tree that are harmful to them, only to have problems with itching and irritation. Those who have allergies to the ivy tree may also be allergic to oak and sumac plants.


If you are allergic to poisonous plants or a tree, itching or irritation may last from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks.


Here are some steps you can take to get cure for this allergy. They are:
? You can use calamine lotion.
? For 15-20 minutes, gently wipe the area of allergy to a clean cloth in cold water.
? During this time, you can take an oatmeal bath occasionally. You will find comfort in it.

2. Latex allergy:

Looks like a stranger? It must be very familiar. Before that, what is latex? The word latex comes from the juice of a rubber tree in Brazil. This adhesive juice is made from various rubber products, such as balloons, rubber bands, rubber balls, gloves, condoms, etc.

That is the national product of natural rubber – called Kei latex. Now do you realize you have a latex allergy or not? There are 3 types of latex allergies –

a. Type-1 (IgE-mediated latex allergy)
b. Type I (cell-mediated contact dermatitis latex allergy)
c. Irritant contact dermatitis


The common symptom of these 3 types of latex allergies is itching and swelling at the touch area of latex. And severe allergies can lead to nasal congestion, irritation and shortness of breath.
These latex allergies are rare in people with 5%. Those who have this allergy problem will avoid latex national product.

If it is not possible to avoid, use non-latex products. And for your own good, ask your colleague, doctor, dentist to use non-latex products.

3. Pet allergies:

Most people have pets or cats. This dog-cat hair causes asthma. This idea is actually wrong.
In fact, dog-cat hair is not an allergen, but pet hair contains various allergens, such as dustbins, urine, saliva, and nourishment. Allergies can occur even if you are not near a dead animal on the road.


Stomach allergies can cause sneezing and shortness of breath.


Always keep your favorite pet in a clean and dry bath with a vacuum cleaner regularly and keep the pet away from the heat and directly and indirectly away from bacterial and fungal infections!

4. Jewelry Allergy:

It is not surprising that jewelry is allergic. Many people like me suffer from this allergy. Very difficult when the jewelry of choice is not used due to allergies. In fact, it is called nickel allergy. These jewelry is made by mixing nickel or other metals or plating them with PE Gold or Silver. This reduces the price. And those whose body is identified as nickel or other metal allergens, tend to be jewelry allergic. However, according to the survey, of those types of skin allergies, jewelry allergy is the most common among girls.


If the jewelry or nickel allergy does not occur immediately when the jewelry is in contact with the jewelry, it is allergic to 15-20 minutes later or within 1-2 days. There rash can cause itching, water leakage or skin wheezing. Many times the infection can be awful.


The easiest way to get rid of jewelry allergies is to avoid nickel rich jewelry or jewelry. Wear jewelry from Silver Alloy or White Gold Alloy. Why is it not allergic to Gold and Silver? You know, of course, again, Gold and Silver are antiseptic!

Here is some important information about 4 types of skin allergies. Apart from these 4 types of skin allergies, there are many different types of skin allergies. I have given some homemade tips to relieve this type of skin allergy. However, if you are allergic to too much, do not delay to seek expert advice!

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