Usually we use soap and face wash to clean the skin. But did you know that skin can be cleansed without soap and facewash? Many people have skin allergies to soap alkali. You can clean the skin with the help of natural ingredients to solve these problems.


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September 8, 2020


Health & Beauty Tips

Let’s find out how to clean your skin-

Honey :

 Apply honey directly on the skin and massage. After a while, rinse with cold water. The skin will be clean as well as soft and supple.

Milk :

Milk removes dead skin. Use raw milk as a cleanser. It will cleanse the skin as well as bring natural radiance to the skin.

Sugar :

Mix aloe vera gel with sugar and apply on the skin. The skin will be clear.

Papaya :

Mix honey with ripe papaya. Apply the face pack on the skin. Rinse after a while. Dirt on the skin will be removed. With that, the skin will be brighter quickly.

Coconut :

oil Massage coconut oil on the skin. It will also cleanse the face, act as a makeup remover, also act as a moisturizer.