Today I will talk about Ingestion Allergy. First, what does ingestion mean?
Ingestion means the method of taking food by mouth. That is, if you do not take any kind of liquid or solid food, it is harmful even if your body is not harmful to that food and the allergy to it is called ingestion allergy or food allergy.
Not everyone is allergic to one meal. Different people may be allergic to different types of foods.

Allergy : Symptoms and remedies for food allergy


Shahriar Shohan


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January 28, 2020


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Symptoms and remedies for allergy to 4 types of foods:

1. Allergy to milk:

Are you surprised? People are allergic to milk! However, if you search, only a few will be available. Milk allergy is usually due to lactase enzyme deficiency or lactose enzyme that causes problems in your body if milk or dairy products are not properly consumed. Also, cow’s milk contains alpha S1-casein protein (Alpha S1-casein protein), which is responsible for allergies .

For those who are allergic to milk, eating milk or dairy products may cause problems within a few hours to a day. Symptoms that appear slowly include abdominal cramps, a thin closet, and sometimes mucus and blood along with the rectum. Also, all the problems can be seen in nasal passages, sinusitis, phlegm. Rash can also be seen on the skin. And soon after the symptoms appear, vomiting and body can become swollen like red wheels.


People who have Milk Allergy usually have this problem when they are younger. So they consult the doctor in advance. But still, some precautions need to be taken. Avoid milk and dairy foods as much as possible. Take care to buy packet food. See where the word ‘dairy’ is typed. And if you have just ‘D’ instead of dairy, you have to understand that there is milk.

2. Allergic to mango:

Some people are allergic to mango when it comes to the mouth and mouth. If someone has a lot of allergies, if they do not have mango pepper or mango juice, they are allergic to just mango.


There are two types of symptoms seen in mango allergy. First, it just swells or itching around the mouth and mouth. Secondly, the wheels become inflamed and itching can occur throughout the body. Many people may have trouble breathing.


For those who have allergies, they wash the mango well, cleanse the cashew and eat it without losing it. If you still have allergies, please consult a doctor if you are allergic to it.

3. Nuts and shellfish:

Almonds contain almost all types of proteins such as kupin (cupin), prolamin, profilim, and Bet-v-1, which cause many people to become allergic.

And shell-associated fish such as shrimp, crabs etc. are also allergic. Many fish, such as tuna, coral, etc. are also allergic to many. Those who eat regular nuts and shell-related fish, that is, those who are not allergic to this food, can also have allergies at any time.


Almonds and shell-fed fish have almost similar symptoms. For example itching, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, sneezing, wheezing and swelling in different parts of the body.


If you have allergies to nuts and seaweed, your first step is to avoid it. And if you are allergic to a small amount, you can take antihistamine drugs at the doctor’s advice.

4. Allergy to medications:

If you are allergic to drugs, what is the way? There is no reason to worry ! Not all drugs are allergic to it. However, those who are allergic to the drug are allergic to penicilline, sulphonamides, aspirine, Iboprofen. If you are allergic to the drug, it can happen immediately and it can happen for hours or even a week.


If the drug acts as an allergen, it can usually cause itching, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, wheezing and even fever!


If you have a disease, then the drug can no longer be stopped or avoided. So, be sure to inform your doctor about your allergies and take medicines at the doctor’s advice.

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