One of the most common winter problems is ankle sprains. There are many who wear socks all winter to cover the bursting ankle. But at this time of the festival, if you do not wear beautiful high heels with saree or a little expensive salwar kameez, then the decoration is left. But with foot split, many people like these shoes, but they can not wear.

Ankle Sprained ? learn how to cure a sprained ankle fast


Shahriar Shohan


Health Tips


March 05, 2020


Health & Beauty Tips

Usually, the skin on the lower leg is more dry than other parts of the body, as there is no good gland in this part. Because of this, the legs easily burst in the winter. Also due to lack of proper moisturization, pollution, medical problems such as diabetes or thyroid problems can cause ankle rash. So today I will talk about several ways to avoid foot problems.

Method 1 :

Material –
a. tablespoon Salt

b. One-half cup of lemon juice

c. tablespoons glycerin

d. teaspoons rose water

e. Like the amount of hot water

d. The Pumice Stone

In a large container, add salt, 10 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon glycerin, 1 teaspoon rose water to it, with warm water to soak the legs. Then dip the foot in it for 1y5 minutes. Then rub the ankle with the pumice stone for a few minutes. When done, wash your feet thoroughly with cold water and wipe them well. Then mix 1 tablespoon glycerin, 1 teaspoon rose water and 2 or 3 teaspoon lemon juice and keep it on both legs overnight. The mixture is a little sticky, so you can wear cotton socks if desired. Get up in the morning and wash the feet in warm water and apply the lotion. If your feet are too lean, lemon juice is best to avoid.

Method 2 :

Material –
a. 2 tsp vegetable oil

The simplest way. After washing the feet in warm water, wipe them thoroughly. Then put the vegetable oil on the legs thick and fall asleep. Wash again in the morning.

Method 03 :

Material –
a. 1 ripe bananas
b. Half of the avocado

If you have a lot of leg cramps then this fruit pack is for you. Blend bananas and avocado together. Wash feet well, wipe them. Then add this pack to the bursting area for about 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Use daily until the ankle is soft.

Method 04 :

Material –
a. teaspoon Vaseline
b. 3-5 drops lemon juice
c. Hot water

Soak the legs in hot water for 20 minutes. Then make a mixture of Vaseline and lemon juice. Lift the foot off the water and wipe it well. Then add a mixture of Vaseline and lemon juice and fall asleep in a wool sock.

Method 05 :

Material –
a. 1 cup honey
b. Hot water

Boil half a bucket in warm water with a cup of honey and soak it for 20 minutes. Then lift the legs from the water and wipe them well.
Use any of the foot packs given above to your advantage every day. Do not use lemon juice in the first place if the legs are heavy. Use another pack. Hopefully, the packs will be useful, and there will be no foot break and no worries.
Be good,
Stay beautiful.