People who are struggling with diabetes, have often heard that diabetes is never cured. Modern medicine is capable of curing various types of mortality.
However, despite so many pharmaceutical companies, diabetes has not yet been able to fully cure diabetes. All of this information has now been proven to be completely false. Dr. David Pearson is a renowned diabetes expert. He dedicated his life to understanding the illness after his father died of diabetes.

Diabetes : Is it really curable ?


Shahriar Shohan


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January 28, 2020


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Suffering from diabetes?

If so, follow these 5 diabetic diet tips, such as the advice of diabetologists and nutritionists. A few steps will require diabetic stroke or it is borderline. And it could be that many people have diabetes at home. In that case, if you adhere to certain rules of eating and drinking, you can keep the disease away or in control.

According a diabetes specialist with Mulchand Medicine, a diabetic diet should consist of more fiber-rich foods, milk without cream, buttermilk, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. However, all must be eaten in moderation.

What kind of diet should human diabetes patients have?

1 . Soak 1 teaspoon fenugreek overnight in 100 ml water. Diabetes is under the control of that water daily in the morning.

2. Drinking salt, pepper, tomatoes on an empty stomach in the morning, there are many benefits.

3.Diabetes control is possible by soaking 6 Almond overnight and eat those the next day.

4. If you want to eat pasta or noodles with high-fiber foods like roasted grains, oats, whey flour, millets, then you should have vegetables or sprouted grains.

5. Carbohydrates and protein are in equal amounts. Milk regulates blood sugar levels. So Drink milk twice a day.

6. Fiber-rich vegetables – eg curry, beans, broccoli or beds – should be eaten regularly. It is better to eat pulses and sprouts with it.

7. Pulses must be in the diet. Pulses have less effect on blood glucose than other grains rich in carbohydrates. Fiber-rich vegetables help reduce blood sugar levels.

8. Good fats, such as omega-3 and monosaturated fat, are beneficial to the body. Such fats are found in linseed oil, canola oil, almond oil and oily fish. They are trans-fat-free and have low cholesterol content.

9. You should eat fiber-rich fruits like papaya, apple, pear, oranges and guava. The levels of mango, banana and grape sugar are very high. So it is better to eat less than other fruits. Eat in 5 mill patterns. That is, playing it five times a day will solve the problem.

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