Dry lip care :

The frost is losing moisture even before the cold frost begins. Problems with lip fractures every winter. You should take good care to keep the lips good, both inside and outside the body.

Dry lip : Some extra effort to take care of you beautiful lips


Shahriar Shohan


Beauty Tips


January 30, 2020


Health & Beauty Tips

In order to maintain the moisture of the skin and keep the skin good enough water should be eaten. Eat with seasonal fruits and vegetables. During the winter, both men and women should use petroleum jelly or coconut oil in the lips. If the lips are cracked for a long time, permanent spots on the lips may settle.

Some more tips to prevent dry lip :

* Quality lipstick also prevents dryness of the lips. But in this case you should confirm the lipstick material . Lipstick which is rich in vitamins and oils is good for lips.

* Change the toothpaste you are using. White toothpaste is usually for good lips.

* Of course, do not apply soap and facewash on the lips.

* Olive oil contains various minerals including vitamins. Apply olive oil to the lips during sleep every day while the lips are soft.

* Mix a little bit of milk before going to bed. Then apply this mixture on the lips. Ghee keeps the skin soft for a long time. Milk removes dirt from the skin and sheds dead cells. So if the mixture is kept on the lips all night, the lips are soft, and the blackness of the lips will also be removed.

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