Headache is the name of the daily problem that makes our daily life unhappy. People of all ages suffer from headaches for various reasons. Many suffer from migraine problems again. This type of pain starts very suddenly and the pain continues for up to 3/4 days.

Headaches / Migraine pain : Read how to get relief


Shahriar Shohan


Health Tips


January 30, 2020


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Many seek refuge in doctors to relieve pain, many again take painkillers. But you know what? It is very easy to get rid of this headache in some natural way. Let’s see what those methods are.

Ginger and Ginger Tea:

There is no ginger pair to relieve headaches. Because there is a collection of ‘prostaglandin synthesis’ that is used in aspirin non-painkillers. So when the headache starts, start chewing with a little ginger. It will relieve the headache quickly. Besides, you can drink ginger tea by boiling a cup of water with a little ginger. It will also ease the headache.


Many different types of ice bags are available to buy in the market. Fill the ice in an ice bag and hold it slightly above the head. You will see the headache is relieved. However, those who are prone to cold soreness do not follow this procedure.

Eat Sweet Pumpkin Seeds:

It is possible to get rid of headaches by eating fried sweet pumpkin seeds. Because sweet pumpkin seed has a lot of magnesium sulfate that works to relieve headaches.

Get into the habit of eating tropical almond:
Many times the headaches start due to weather, dust, and sometimes the headaches start due to mental stress. To alleviate all these types of pain, chew a handful or two handfuls of almonds. Tropical almond contains ‘salicin’, which cures acute pain faster.

Listen to music carefully:

Besides doing good to the mind, the best thing to do is relieve headaches. Research in the Journal of Pain reveals that listening to music helps reduce pain by about 17%. Because listening to music, our goal is to get away from headaches, which often causes us to forget about headaches. This causes the headache to recover.

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