Heart attack is now a leading cause of premature death worldwide. It usually occurs when the heartbeat is reduced or stopped. Or if there is a block in the blood vessels, there is a heart attack. However, if you catch the symptoms of a heart attack in advance, it may be possible to avoid premature death.

Heart Attack : 7 Symptoms of heart attack


Shahriar Shohan


Health Tips


January 30, 2020


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A month before the heart attack, the body begins to give some warning signs. Usually, when we have chest pain we think we have a heart attack, is it? How much do we know? Today we will tell you about the symptoms of it and its treatment and prevention.

7 Symptoms of a heart attack:

1. Physical Weakness:

When blood flow is reduced and blood flow is impeded. The main symptom of cardiovascular disease is when the veins of the blood block by the fat and the muscle becomes weak.

2. Cold sweat:

When the blood flow is reduced, the body will feel damp and cold when the sweat storms.

3. Cold flu:

Many patients have been suffered from colds or flu at least 1 month before the heart attack.

4. Weakness:

Usually, the blood flow to the body is slowed down, and Weakness also occurs. When blood flow to the brain decreases, Weakness occurs.

5. Chest pain:

Contact your doctor immediately if you feel pain in the chest, arms, back and shoulders. Chest pain and compression are a major symptom of heart disease.

6. Bad digestion, vomiting and cramping pain:

Nausea, indigestion, heartburn or heartburn can also be the first symptoms of it. So, even if these symptoms occur, consult a cardiologist.

7. Breathing:

Such problems occur when there is not enough oxygen and blood supply to the lungs. If there is a heart problem, blood flow to the lungs will be reduced. And there may be problems such as shortness of breath or shortness of breath.

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