Heart Attack : Prevention is better than cure


Shahriar Shohan


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January 30, 2020


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1. The patient will be rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment of a heart failure. In such cases, the patient should be provided with a huge amount of light ventilation before being taken to the hospital or on the road in between. The patient should give a nitrate tablet below the tongue in that life threatening situation .

2. In case of hospital selection, it is best to have a hospital with a cardiovascular health facility.

3. After reaching the hospital, the doctor will start the treatment as soon as possible in the emergency room . The doctor may need ECG, artery supplying oxygen may be required, and intravenous fluids or nitroglycerin may be given if the doctor thinks it is necessary.

4. First you have to check the blockage of coronary arteries by doing an angiogram. If the block is high and the drug does not seem to be resolved, then angioplasty may need to be done. In this case, the surgeon will insert a few micro rings as needed on the shortened artery.

5. After a chest pain again, the physician may perform open-heart surgery or Bypass surgery if he / she deems it necessary.

Prevention is better than cure:

A heart attack means a permanent closure of a part of the heart muscle. If the heart muscle is damaged or decreased physical activity, even after he is healed, that part will not be cured. So prevention is the best approach .The number of american heart patients are increasing day by day . So to get rid of it, there are some things that must be adhered to –

1. Try to be free of mental exhaustion or anxiety.

2. You should measure blood pressure regularly to control blood pressure .

3. Have to regularly test , blood tests and control diabetes.

4. Avoid smoking, drinking, etc to prevent chest discomfort.

5. You should control obesity & be aware of cold sweat .

6. Reduce fat intake and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

7. To make the heart healthy , eat more vegetables and fruits.

8. Every day you must regularly walk, run or do any physical work.

9. If it requires the patient have to continue or discontinue the regular prescription medication .

So, be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of a heart or why heart attacks occur . Be healthy, try to follow the body mass index or BMI according to the doctor’s advice at least once a year or twice if possible .

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