Who is at higher risk ?

There are some things that can be controlled and there are some things that cannot be controlled.

Who is at higher risk of heart attack? Read the reasons


Shahriar Shohan


Health Tips


January 30, 2020


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Common causes of heart attack :

1. Heart attack is not the same in all ages. The disease can be more common in middle age or in old age. But that does not mean that young children do not have this problem.

2. The risk of heart attack is very high due to smoking and drinking etc.

3. If someone in the family has a heart attack, the risk is much higher.

4. The attack chances of boys are usually much higher than girls.

5. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia etc. can lead to it.

6. Lack of physical exertion or obesity is one of the causes of attack.

7. Consume high fat diet and eat less vegetables and fiber.

8. As a result of additional emotional stress or turmoil.

9. As a result of taking birth control pills or any other hormone controlling drug.

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