It is very difficult for someone to give up smoking . If you can quit smoking, your life expectancy will increase . In a new research, it has found that if a person quits it at the age of 60, his or her life expectancy is likely to increase.

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September 06, 2020


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T he researchers found that only 27.9 percent of people who quit smoking in their 60s died much later than 33.1 percent of those who smoked. On the other hand, smokers aged 70 and over are 12.1 percent more likely to die than older people who have never smoked.

Reality of smoking:

Research has also shown that there is no age limit for quitting smoking. It is harmful to health. So quit it as soon as possible. So those who quit it at the age of 60 are also more likely to live longer. According to research, 19 percent of men and 9.5 percent of women start smoking by the age of 15. For this reason, men are more likely than women to die from it.

Facts :

Ten years after quitting smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer has dropped by almost half. One year after quitting it, the risk of heart disease decreases. The risk of mouth, throat and esophageal cancer is halved in five years. So if you are a smoker there is still time to get rid of it completely. New England Journal of Medicine published these results .