At present, the number of strokes has increased alarmingly at a young age. A stroke is a permanent damage to a part of the brain that causes blood circulation to interfere with blood flow or when blood vessels are clotted.
High blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, smoking etc. increase the risk of stroke. If you understand the symptoms of stroke in a timely manner and get medical attention quickly, the side effects can be largely avoided.

So let’s learn about the symptoms and prevention of stroke!

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January 28, 2020


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Among the symptoms of stroke are four main symptoms –

1. Suddenly, one side of the body becomes weak or paralyzed.
2. Acute headache and vomiting.
3. Sudden fainting or sudden stumbling while walking.
4. Could not speak clearly.

How do you know the patient has a stroke?

1. Tell the patient to smile with his teeth, to see if any side of the face is paralyse or not.
2. Ask him to raise both hands & the head straight, to see if he can.
3. Try to say a complete sentence, see if you can hear the same words again.
If any of these 3 issues are present, seek immediate medical attention.

What to do if you have a stroke?

1, Without self-promotion, you will take the patient to the nearest hospital as soon as possible without using any type of Kabiraji or Chinese or herbal or facebook medical procedures.

Foot and ear treatment can be seen on the Internet or Facebook, and nothing like this happens. Rather, the condition of the patient worsens with delay.

2. Perform a CT scan of the head as per the doctor’s suggestion.

3. Do not try to feed the patient any pressure medication or anything else. Not even water. This is because the stroke patient’s facial muscles are paralyzed.

If the patient tries to force something, it can go into the airway instead of the esophagus. And once the food goes into the airway, most of the time, death is determined.

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