A new strain of the novel coronavirus is raising concerns around the world. Already, all countries have cut off flight links with Britain over the corona.


The new strain of corona


Shahriar Shohan


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December 30, 2020


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But India’s concern is heightened by the return of passengers on corona flights.

In the last two days, at least 20 passengers have arrived in Kolkata and other major cities of the country with Corona from Britain. Naturally, the question arises as to what is the risk, whether they have new corona strain in their body.

The new strain of the coronavirus is 70 percent more contagious than the old strain.

As a result, the rate of infection has increased several times. However, he assured that while the risk of contracting the virus is high, it will not increase the death rate. Many renowned doctors assured that “repeated tests have shown that there is no risk here yet, we need to be careful not to be unnecessarily frightened.”

The victims have already been sent back to Britain to the National Institute of Virology in Pune. Everyone is looking at whether a new corona exists in their sample. The return of passenger planes is also being monitored by others. Air communication with Britain has been suspended until 31 December.

This strain was first discovered in southern England in September. This new gene virus spreads in December. The new strain of coronavirus has already spread to Italy and the United States Of America.